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Taking Courses Online

What's evolved - What's recommended?

Tune in the calls we've had to date - and currently:

“Covid-19 has forced us to work from home, but we've little, if anything in place to make this happen. How do we engage with our people (for others - students)?”

Calls by 8 businesses & 19 schools: 2020

“We'd like to teach English online, to countries along the Silk Road - to all 65 of them, over time, with coaches in NZ, Singapore and the Philippines.”

— Singaporean Mission: 2018-current

“We need our team off the podium, delivering online courses to social workers, police recruits and health workers etc We need help to design 'n deliver the courses.”

— Unitec, Auckland 2017-2018

"We need leadership development and coaching support to run global citizenship and training support between the US, UK, Europe and NZ.

— Modern Learning teams, 2016-current

"We need our mission's administration and ministries to have an online presence. How can we create, file promote, book, present & lead online?"

— Charity Sector 2015-2019

"We need online programmes for Refugees and Migrants in schools. We need them designed, developed and implemented, with live lessons included."

— Ministry of Education 2008-2018

"New Zealand needs a National Plan for eLearning design & development in the Primary sector. We need your model to drive this. Write it for us?"

— Ministry of Education 2007

"Orion Electrical need their training manuals to go online, so new recruits can access the info 'up a pole'. With a team, can you sort this for us?"

— Core Education, 2005

“We can't get extension teachers for our Gifted Kids - we need the programme you run for kids in NZ and beyond, to beam into our region (cluster) also.”

— Waikato, Hawkes Bay, Wairarapa and European / Asian Primary sectors


“We need to offer school online, for students around NZ and for families who live overseas. We need to develop a Virtual Learning Network.”

— Correspondence School, in association with the NZ Ministry of Education 

"We need you teach our kids from within business centres in hotels - alongside their classmates back at their school."

— High Commissioner Sectors: Asia


"We need tech savvy teachers to launch an International School with the mission to be a leading IT school in Asia"

- Cognition Education for Jerudong International School, Brunei: 1997-2001

Taking Courses Online

How to start out from nothing, with nothing - but a great idea. 

Just on 25 years since it first took off, designing online courses and study programmes is now full on. In general, teams  have very little cash, but a big heart for others and a passion to tune in options.

While some have mega dollars to inject, others need to run on the smell of an oily rag. How can 
oily rag players 'get online'?

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