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Online Learning

Responding to School Closures

- those pending and those affected. 

We've been gorgeously treated to 24 years experience at the helm of FreshAz's directorship in online learning, and if adding the years that our extended partnerships have had also - we've  had far, far more. 

Walking the talk, for every single one of those years, is our 'bent'. We know what knee jerk 'online learning' styles are and we're experienced in what the modern 'actual reality' is that's engaging, interactive and loveable. 

Here to help

We're NZ teachers who teach in primary school classrooms, but amongst us are those who've supported tertiary sector colleagues to 'go online' also. We've worked with commercial sector small businesses and globally based educators. We've built online learning spaces for 24 years. Consider us a 'shoulder' to lean on - as much as a team to partner with, to design and engage with in turn. 

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tune in the guru we follow - extensively. 


Online learning

- a pandemic response

Virtual concerns

- a must read!

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