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PenPals Online and @Home

Month-By-Month Fun!


Personal Penpal


Travelling Mascots

PenPal Projects

NZ & Australian students are available to be penpals. We have students aged 9-13 years old who are keen. We also link you to teachers all over the world for students elsewhere also.

Zoom calls are included and projects galore!

Price: NZD50/yr

Start date: May 2021

Would you like to receive a Travelling Mascot (soft toy from NZ or Australia) - and host it for a month? In turn, you can also send one to us and we'll host it! Let's share cultures, info and more.

Photos, blogs, postcards and gift packages are part of the fun.

Price: FREE!

Travel date: May-Dec 2021

  1. This is Global Citizenship at its best for our young generation of youth. We've got projects that will involve them in the lives of others around the world - or even just locally. We're into partnering NZers with other NZers, as much as we can partner a child in Mexico with a child in Australia.

  2. Price: NZD150/yr

  3. Start date: May 2021


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