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You're invited to become a member of our FreshAz Education community.

Receive first-to-know announcements e.g. Early Bird rego fees, workshop booking alerts and more...

Options a) FREE Membership  b) BASIC Subscription  c) DELUX Subscription

Who will you be signing yourself over to...?​

To qualified educators, experienced businesses owners, leaders in several fields, event managers, change and crises managers and designers of education programmes from child to adult programmes. Also, to budget coaches, presenters of workshops, conferences and seminars and to those who've implemented and managed projects at local, regional and national level.


We're a team of time-rich individuals, with the experience and qualifications to back our support. We've got that gorgeous scope to drill down, sort through the 'stuff' and find...

  • the gems to share

  • the time to create - or find who can 

  • the drive to make something, calmer, happier, more sensible and hopefully truckloads more fun, engaging, interactive and relevant. 

Working smarter, living life and enabling change, uplift or relief is our passion. Led with a Christian sense of belonging is how we also roll - but it's the kind that's real, it's human - it's gentle and grace filled.

FREE MEMBERSHIP will provide you with:
a) First-to-hear announcements re: Dates to save; Early Bird Rego's and Workshop Openings.
b) Company updates, presenting the latest in 'Traction 'n Action'.  
c) Invitations to take part: e.g. table ideas for many a new innovation evolving at FreshAz.

BASIC SUBSCRIPTION Fee - $80.00/year, will provide you with:
a) All the above as comes free with membership
b) 10% off activities with us - e.g. workshop costs, programme fees etc. 
c) Monthly newsletters addressing the latest in education trends and developments.
d) Two hours of FREE advice and guidance to education queries of your own. 

DELUX SUBSCRIPTION Fee - $150.00/year, will provide you with: 
a) All of the above as comes with membership and the basic subscription.
b) Voucher to gift any child 8-13 for Membership into the Online KidzClubz.
c) Free attendee ticket to any one of our seminars or workshops.
d) Access to our community of members who offer educational added-value for you...
e) 50% off a registration fee to any of the FreshAz conferences.  

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