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When the homeschooling's done, where to next? KidzClubz! Join our online clubs run by registered teachers and key experts. For kids...
  • Keen on hunting? Join the VIrtual Hunting Club! 
  • Keen on baking? Join the Chemical Engineering club!
  • Keen to grow stuff? Join the Sow ' n Grow club!
  • Keen on photography? Join Operation Snapshot!
  • Keen on farming? Join the LifeStylzers Club! 
  • Keen on travelling? Join our Virtual Field Trips! Etc...

Your Call

Clubs build around the kids. Their input determines the journey that unfolds within. Call on a club - we'll design it. Clubs present themselves online, with considerable offline action.

Hands On

We foster rich learning experiences, with future focused, life-skill based goals. We partner with experts in their field to team up with families. We like to make and create.

Team Up!

Clubs have Club leaders and members. We facilitate and moderate collaborative interaction. As members work together, clubs grow in value, perspective and productivity.



We're here for those of you looking after the kids also. When the schooling's done, the thought of dreaming up 'what else' is a big ask. We run a subscription based parent / caregiver lounge, posting sets of 15 new activities a week to inspire with invitations to partake, photograph and share... 


USD5 / week



For kid-centred membership and access to our KidzClubz, sign up a kid, select the club they'll be joining, or identify a club we'll design for them. We have Kidz4Kidz clubs - run by kids and clubs led by experts and teachers. Find acitivities to do and enjoy what's posted as the kids' ideas enroute. 





Our premium package includes automatic membership to a KidzClub of choice - or call, ideas for caregivers and fascinating global partnerships. Get involved in the reality of sustainability, international projects, cultural connections and life-long friendships. Penpals, care-packages etc...


USD 100/4mo

Subscribe to Our FreshAz Kid-based News: FREE   Score insights, hints, virtual partnership ideas etc.  


As massive advocates of 'Student Voice' and 'Innovation' we seek the voice of club members, to balance what we provide as guides.


All's geared toward enabling the kid; enabling their club members and enabling the leader to pull off classes that are both live and accessed virtually - online and offline.


Enrichment activities are designed to be a lot of fun, to help students become more engaged in their learning, retaining a good deal more information. 


The clubs are typically interactive and project focused, challenging students to use old concepts in new ways, while bringing new concepts to light.

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