Improving the capacity to learn

- an educators' journey...

As always, there are interesting trends in education,  - and for now, that ranges from a renewed interest in “growth mindsets” to more emphasis being placed on things like social inclusion and engagement in learning. With this, comes project-based learning, personalised and inquiry-based learning, digital literacy and citizenship. (source, in part: InformED)

So, Game On! 

What's behind this,

to be 'Match Fit' for teaching?

Meet Brain Compatible Learning (BCL)...the art and craft of Educational Neuroscience. It's primed to see one teacher embed it - into the lives of dozens of NZ 9-11 year old students, through to graduates and educators along the Silk Road...scaling up to roll within 65 countries - and into Europe and New Zealand...

Educational Neuroscience

Brain Compatible Learning