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Improving the capacity to learn

- an educators' journey...

As always, there are interesting trends in education,  - and for now, that ranges from a renewed interest in “growth mindsets” to more emphasis being placed on things like social inclusion and engagement in learning. With this, comes project-based learning, personalised and inquiry-based learning, digital literacy and citizenship. (source, in part: InformED)

So, Food for Thought! 

What's behind this,

to be 'Match Fit' for teaching?

Meet Brain Compatible Learning (BCL)...the art and craft of Educational Neuroscience. It's primed to see one teacher embed it - into the lives of dozens of NZ 9-11 year old students, through to graduates and educators along the Silk Road...scaling up to roll within 65 countries - and into Europe and New Zealand...

Educational Neuroscience

Brain Compatible Learning

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