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English Across Cultures

September 2020


FreshAz Education's
international partnerships have EXPLODED!

All's in association with schools it's partnering with, pro-bono work, 'KidzClubz' enrolments, KidzConference registrations and word-of-mouth and refugee/migrant alignment.


Bouncing out of one international platform we're linked to - stems a stunning 'programme' of live lessons 'zooming' around the globe, lead by internationally placed teachers. Hundreds of students - ranging from pre-school to 60 year old 'students' attend. Essentially, four faculties run - teaching students who are predominantly in 'lockdown'. The focus?  Learning English, to cultural insight and perspective. 

Our head now registers area codes, with everything from +21, +22, +25, +26, +37, +38, +39, +43, +44, +50, +51, +52, +54, +57, +58, +59, +62, +84, +90 etc... All's housed within our WhatsApp's 'Staff Lounge' equivalent - each code represents more than one teacher - often - each teacher being one of 'our colleagues'. 

Screen Shot 2020-09-26 at 12.26.47

This has surely become

Independent International 

Unlike many 'online' providers, this one - built on a dream, is run by qualified teachers, each 'invited' - via a network of known connectors to each other. Heading the team are a few of us, with Erica - from Argentina, being the one leading over all. Alongside also, is Joath from Mexico and Hellen from Indonesia. 

While the core mission is focused on teaching English, it's so much more than that. It's become a Professional Development Centre alongside - with the equivalent of Online Conventions / Conferences running. Beaming in from LA was a research rep featuring Intercultural Communication; FreshAz took the hot seat also, featuring Accents and Colloquial English etc... The audience spanned across the global. 

Of the greatest buzz of all, is the focus on cultural perspectives. Whether learning English, or a native speaker, students score an international audience for all that they front up to, prepare for, or team up with. It's a logistical stunner; an amazing array of gifts and callings are woven in - and it goes from strength to strength daily. 

Left: Eketahuna School students, NZ zooming live as Native English Speaker Peer tutors - with locked down Mexican students.

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