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Register for conferences, seminars or classes (kids & adult based).

Let's support you with Professional Learning that supports inquiry, team-based programming.

Book in for advice 'n guidance, presentation, an educational analysis, discussion or even presentation.

Fees will vary, but generally, costs are quoted after scoping's been done for the needs you have.

Citrus Fruits


The opportunities here are endless! If you're wanting to get vege gardens in schools, your home, or the community, team up with us, for the latest in how we're doing it. This features KidzClubz, roadside stalls and the Patakai... Collaborative learning is at its' core, complete with working bees and competitions for kids!


Site update coming...
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What makes for a 'fresh as...' approach to learning? What's at the heart of how leadership rolls, that makes for a fresh approach to learning?

Adopt us to tune in how you roll - and in turn, we'll share recommended tweaks, must haves and nice to haves with how best to roll moving forward. 


Currently in Review

We're hoping to run another one though! For now, our KidzConferences are on hold. We require a huge volunteer network, but the red-tape regards Police Vetting, extreme levels of 'permission', huge costs (making tickets at least $80 for the day now) have rendered these extremely difficult to pull off. As we don't qualify for grants either... we're a little in limbo at the moment...


Online Learning:


Expression of Interest Sought
How can face-to-face practices really merge with the online learning scene and really engage?


Should you lead or should you manage?
What is Online learning and what is it not? Name your need and we'll partner, or broker your next step.

Field Trips

Team up with us and enjoy snail mail, digital postcarding, treats from afar and so much more! It's a long term journey... Coming up in November / December this year, 2023, is scope to 'follow a trip' around the Mediterranean and more, with a much loved - by many, school caretaker... 

Alternatively - team up with us, to help you build a Virtual Field Trip - with our students as the Tour Guides - and others as the Tourists! Tourists with requests, Tour Guides who are 'interactive' with Tourists etc. 


Featuring After school & Holiday Clubs!
Online - with offline realities.


Broaden the co-curricular world of opportunities for kids - and community reps.
Suitable for Ages 8-13 year olds. Featuring s
tudent led, teacher monitored interest topics alongside those led by SME's: Subject Matter Experts.

A gorgeous, student-led, community rich opportunity - that engages passions. 



We have 'Dr Joubert' on our team...

He's the life coach for the students and extremely well versed in supporting individual, families or work place teams. Join our discussion forums 'about life' and/or have more 1:1 interaction - in partnership with registered teachers also.


Extension & Enrichment

Face2face and Online Tuition available.

Online Tuition: for any country worldwide.

It's outside the square extension to the max! Our themes?  Financial literacy, youth enterprise, voluntary service, global citizenship, leadership & innovation and that which we design with you - as suits your child.



Education & business analysis, leads to educational innovation and intervention. We're experienced in work supporting company merges, educational enterprise, restructuring, portfolio merges and educational conceptual design, development and implementation.


Team up with us as we work with a teams of both youth and adult refugees, plus teachers in training there also. Penpal connections, resourcing and teacher training is all possible. This is a mission-minded, probono support programme. It's a hand-up, for those who've been dealt a tough hand... 

Google Apps

Businesses, schools, churches etc...aim to use Google Apps for greater collaboration, transparency & tracking. We'll guide you. Our experience ranges from tuition for the 7 year old to the 80+ year old - internationally and locally.

Enterprise Enhancement

Join us as we support local businesses to develop youth-friendly 'clubs', growing what's on offer for families - while supporting the growth and enhancement for local businesses. Support seeks 'sponsorship' in partnership with us (FreshAz Education), for our KidzClubz & KidzConference work.



How is change best influenced? By not changing 'the past' - for that is all 'change' is. Transform - take 'to the next level' - respect the journey, don't mock the past.

Adopt principles that lead change

...starting at the top - the right way.



Pear shape issues need support.

Adopt solution focused strategies to

take issues to a manageable level. How do you manage unjustified dismissal? How do you work 'with' staff - 'for' staff - and avoid resignations 'out of the blue'?

Online English Schools / Centres

Currently working with a NZ-Singaporean partnership to design 'n develop an Online Language Centre... Experience with this has been 20 years in the making... Alongside, FreshAz programmes partner native NZ students with ESOL students afar... We've access to students around NZ to team up.


Learn the art of catered platters? Or book some platters for an event or function? Sweet or savoury, uniquely customised. We've access to a commercial kitchen and will provide access to photographic support also. Let us cater for your event - where finger foods are to reign...

Team up to

What's your bent? Your focus?

Has it got scope to drive a conference?

Could you educate? Change minds?

Provide new things to do, or learn?

Anywhere goes - while we may be in Masterton, we've the scope to support conference development anywhere. We've years of combined experience that caters for child - to - adult aged events...let's team up to pull one off for you!



Need a website - or a new one?

We can help. We're not typically 'business like' in style though - we build according the 'buzz' others identify as a 'Fresh' approach to websites (tho' that does break many a rule that makes the traditional website creator cringe).  We customise... We won't gate-keep your editing acccess and can be on call for a moment's notice to tweak, add a section, change links - update pics etc.

We're versatile, agile and sustainable in style.

We've got scope to tap into a huge range of resources - particularly in the fields of education, leadership, volunteer service, educational design, counselling, digital communication and agriculture.

We prefer to partner (not 'do for you'); to co-design what's destined for 'that next level' and be alongside for realistic time frame. All with those who are wanting to hear, care and have that 'all in good ethos'.

Email us a time or two, when we can call you.

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