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Leadership Trends

February 2020

I'm at an interesting stage, where by day, I'm under a leader now, and by night I pick up the hat and continue to be one - technically at least. That said, the leadership factor doesn't exactly take time out - the life of all encompassing continues, while I side-step under the authority of another...

Alongside, I'm watching with huge interest, two charitable organisations, where the leadership has changed and the 'ships were turned - ever so quickly'. One stripped nearly all leaders
​ of any autonomy and the other kicked all key leaders into touch. Despite incredible exposure to leadership training and a wealth of stunning examples, all culled leaders were seen as ill-equipped and lead 'wrong'. All was out with the old - in with the new, with the expected ripple effects of text book cases.

Collective Leadership

As I reflect and watch with intrigue, I'm drawn to studying on what's now a weekly basis: The Latest Trends in Leadership. We should be witnessing a transition from the autocratic, control-and-command management style to its democratic variety. 

Of the many trends evolving, the one that resonates well, but is rarely seen, is that of collective leadership. In the two case studies citied above, the focus on a 'single leader' is clearly evident. 

Like it 'takes a village' to raise a kid; it takes a team to lead... Should all be well with the village - all will be well with the kid. Suffice to say, should all be well with the team - all will be well with the leader. When all's well with the leader, a robust 'presence' and impact will be apparent. How so?

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