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Begin with just a subscription. This will provide your child with a personal coach (registered teachers), and an 'online studio' as a class, group, or family. This will guide your journey with us and present you with KidzClubz opportunities to consider subscribing to in turn. 



We operate a community ethos - where our students team up as a community - sometimes as a 'missions team', sometimes as a 'team of scientists' or 'authors' etc. We're a community without borders. Students team up locally and internationally (depending on which club may be joined). At the forefront, are typically teachers and parents, who we connect with first. We zoom in to meet each other first - then team up for action.  Beaming out of NZ and Australia - is just part of who we are. We're all for international clubs also! These are lead from any country - supported by the NZ & Australian team. 



There'll be an ever growing range of challenges, experiences, extension and enrichment available to those who enrol with us. These can be of an individual nature and/or with other students we're widely connected with. A subscription with us, will give you taste of what's available. We'll keep it real too. It's not all 'online' - check your post box at times; find offline challenges galore etc. 

Kids will get opportunities to opt into hands on, individualised and/or global based activities. FreshAz (your programme hosts here) are technically your 'scout', your 'filter', your 'moderator', and your 'tutor' or 'broker' for activities. Activities are geared toward the interests of each kid, and the fostering of new ones, with programming customised throughout our time together.


Annual: NZD240.00

Monthly: NZD20.00

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