Education isn't unique to the school or higher education sector - it's in every industry, every community group and every demographic. Lifelong learning requires a paradigm shift away from the ideas of teaching and training towards those of learning, from knowledge-conveying instruction to learning for personal and professional development. We're advocates for continuous growth and training.

We specialise in the concepts of sustainability, scalability and stability. We're interested in the emergence of new skills deemed critical for individuals, workplaces and community networks, but are mindful that skills can become redundant all too quickly also. We're into taking what's driving global citizenship, entrepreneurial growth, leadership, connectivity, innovation, creativity, collaboration and contribution - to new levels. We operate with a future-focused ethos. 


Education, in schools, the tertiary sector and the workplace, needs to be a far cry now, from the industrialised model, the one-size-fits all model and directed style. At least it should be - but in reality, it's a massive work in progress, to get right, for today. We've got the scope to help take issues like these to another level where possible...


Sadly, the greatest angst we hear, about what's great or not, comes from parents of secondary school students and employees. But to be fair, there are some absolute gems in our midst. Leading models in their field, their thinking and vision. We've got the scope to connect with such folk to benefits others...

The cry 'old school' in all too many sectors is a sensitive conversation. The helplessness of folk struggling in other sectors is socially awkward. The double handling of much is deemed frustrating for many... We've got the scope to equip, enable and empower to lead, work or interact just one-step further and more...

Winner of

Distance Education Association New Zealand,

now known as the: 

The New Reality?

  • Students today are likely to face 17 employers, in 5 different career types. To what degree are you supporting this?

  • We need to train our students and employees, to be critical thinkers, problem solvers and entrepreneurs who are flexible, resilient and socially aware. But how many sit at desks in your school, or workplace, for most of their day?

  • FreshAz Education Ltd, has - for the past 21 years, been taking its students and contract teams into the field - be that virtually, or 'for real'. Connecting workplaces now, both entices a 'don't underestimate the kid' and 'partner as businesses' ethos. The feedback's been stunning...

We're not for the faint hearted, we're tough to swallow, but gentle in our approach.

We're real, celebrate what's in place and equip whatever the journey with grace and flexibility.  We're not in a hurry, unless granted the scope to do be so, but advocate a crawl, walk, run approach. We're enablers, not controllers; we're patient, well researched and meticulous with detail. 


We have face-to-face capacity within the Central & Lower North Island, and distance education-based capacity for any thing further afield. While we're based in the  Wairarapa, we are, for example, involved in a massive project that's set to impact 65 countries along the New Silk Road - from SE Asia, through Central Asia, the Middle East and into Europe. Coupled with this - we walk the talk, to ensure we're keeping our approach real and as 'fresh as' it should be...

We're teaching in schools, are accountable to various educational sectors and bury ourselves in the latest in educational heads' up, on a weekly basis. 'Tis rather a case of living and breathing the life of education 'today', for 'tomorrow'.