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Coffee, Cake 'n Consider... 

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Picture a good coffee - the smell of it, the fancy decoration on top and the cake it accompanies. Imagine the 'coffee date' with a colleague in a cafe, where conversations mull over good times and reflect on the reality of 'today' - those we used to work with and those we do now, from free reign to ball 'n chain alternatives. 


I've had the privilege of working with several schools and educators in the past few weeks, over 'virtual coffee 'n cakes' - within NZ and so too Asia, Europe, the US and UK - as remote learning advise and guidance has been partnered with.  On one hand, I've had the ears who are hungry to learn; (the teachers), but on the other, a rough round of leaders with no experience of remote learning - gate keeping what they believe is either 'fit for their community' or 'what (old school styles - sadly...) they'll tell their teachers to do'.  

It's heartening though, to tune in the recommendations that are being published - with sound advise heard. I've taken heart since, when hearing the words from several of us coming through though, at a national level. I'm still nervous though, as to how principals will deal with this in practice...  Micromanaging has seriously kicked in... 

Dear Principals...

Now is not the time for you to be a transactional leader (though more ideally - that should be 'transformational leadership' in this day and age)... but for leadership with an emotional resonance. 


Perry Rush

Executive NZ
Principals Federation

White Space...

Remote learning is not just about access. While considering safe spaces and home spaces, we need to also consider White Spaces - and the White Gaze. Culturally sustain - don't culturally erase... i.e. no to one-size-fits-all 

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Ann Milne




Recommended readings wanted - to further highlight support for the critical references needed, as millions embark on this remote learning journey.

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