Typically the LAST WEDNESDAY
in MARCH: Annually.



The KidzConference is a Kidz4Kidz event, for students throughout the Wairarapa and beyond. 


Students partnering with our FreshAz Education teachers (as those actively teaching in classrooms)  get the opportunity to design, develop and run a conference for kids - by kids. To date, an average of 250 students have attended each year, from 25-30 schools locally - including Wellington and Kapiti.

For students attending as delegates, they enjoy a stunning day, evident of all that's actually possible, when students work collaboratively. Their focus? To lead and organise, design, engineer, negotiate and compromise, coordinate and contribute etc. Just on 30 workshops are typically on offer, complete with keynote speakers and a youth enterprise Trades Stall. 

In turn, a workplace, arts, and volunteer community of over 80 adults partner with the kids. Long term goal? That the community opens up opportunities galore, in addition to the music and sports options available now. Mechanics Club? Agricultural Club? Culinary Arts club etc. 

Early Bird bookings are available between April-December every year. From January-March, it's $50.00 per student. The day's valued at $120.00, if taking into account the volunteered hours, sponsored support and donations. 

The KidzConference Day

A School Day offsite - starting at the Copthorne:
('though now POSTPONED view details)

While our March 2020 KidzConference has been postponed, once we can nail a date to resume the invite, here's how the day will roll: 


1. 8.00am: help set up and run the registration desks for approx 240-320 students from possibly 25+ schools to sign-in, and/or be part of the decor team 'dressing' up the main conference room 'kid style' or student rep team - guiding students to all that awaits... 

2. 8.30am: come as a participant, ready to step into various leadership, event coordination & management roles throughout the day - as planned in class prior to this day. (Come at 8.20am'ish to 'sign in' first - ideally). 


Throughout the day, the team will merge their Student leadership hats with general participation in workshops - and for those able to stay from 3-4pm, they're also welcome to set up a 'Trades Stall' - for the KidzConference Mini Market - our Financial literacy and Enterprise slot.


FYI: We've tentatively pencilled in Wednesday 28th October - the last Wednesday in October - the one just after Labour Day: pencil in it! 

Ideal Gift

Vouchers range from $10.00 to any figure desired by a buyer (sponsor, aunt, charitable sector etc) and may cover registration fees, workshop fees or go toward buying caps or conference t-shirts.

Registration fee: $50.00.
Workshop fees range from free to up to $20.00 for some (e.g. pottery); averaging $10.00. $5.00 Workshops are built into the Registration Fee. It's a not-for-profit event - we aim to just break even... If anything is 'left over' it'll be invested in allowing future events adopt even greatest levels of impact). 

Workshop Time

Innovating, creating, contributing, strategising...

Workshops - run by just on 30 Wairarapa Community members, are on offer at the KidzConference. The kids get to participate in 3 workshops.


Several workshops are free; some however, come with an added cost...  If pottery is one option, the potter has typically set a additional $20 fee for those workshops. Out and about workshops use buses, so kids pay a little more towards Tranzit etc...  

The motivator for running the KidzConference is three-fold. Our coordinating team are parents, teachers and grandparents, and we recognise that on a co-curricular front, there is much in the way of traditional sports, dance and music on offer. But we have kids in our community now, who want to explore agriculture, horticulture, leadership, golf, archery, catering crafts, and service to others etc...


Some KidzConference are part of our FreshAz Education's extension programme 'Learn-Now', and as part of their leadership training, some opt not to attend a workshop on an occasion. These student opt to really step into some high-end lead roles at an event management level - a serious SDL ('student directly learning') focus there, is at play. Our time in class prior, plans that accordingly). 

All in all, the KidzConference is open to all Y4-8 kids, be they from the Wairarapa, or further afield. It's a day valued at approx $120 each, for as little as $50.00 (or less if schools or businesses subsidise costs) - or slightly more if they opt for those workshops $10.00+ fees. 

Online KidzClubz

During the KidzConference, the FreshAz Ed team will be scoping the potential for the launching of more Wairarapa KidzClubz - where both online student 'communities of learning' and face-to-face club life can be all encompassing...

We recognise that while sports, dance, drama, music and scouts for example is on offer outside school hours, there's little on offer  for kids keen on farming, hunting, engineering, chess, horses, crafts, architecture, or mechanics etc.

The FreshAz students will also put a 'future-focusing' hat on - and in the weeks following the KidzConference, will become actively involved in leading the way that will seriously contribute further, to what's available in the Wairarapa - and beyond. 

They'll get to reconnect with some of the presenters, and take their focus 'for others' to an even more personal level... Learning gets seriously personal and their role as a  global citizen, also takes a new and exciting turn... 

View the KidzConference website.

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