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We're an education company, based in the gorgeous Wairarapa of New Zealand - hugely intentional in being as 'FreshAz' as possible, in how leadership and learning evolves. Fresh perspectives, fresh solutions, fresh dialogue, fresh research and so on...

Education Architects At Your Service

We're focused on Leadership, Learning and a Long-term vision
LEAD is to: Learn, Engage, Accelerate, Disrupt.

Let's Care and Collaborate, to Consciously Contribute.

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What Motivates Us?

Education is facing increasing demands to prepare students for jobs that have not yet been created, for technologies that have not yet been invented, to solve social problems that have not yet been anticipated (Source OECD), and for new businesses they may design... We are however, involved with education that extends to businesses, families, horticulture and agriculture... We're more than 'school' based education.

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Fuel: Cognitive Science

We refrain from being fuelled by educational fads fuelled by collective hype - navigated instead, by scientific evidence that focuses on cognitive science. Educational psychology - the branch of psychology concerned with the scientific study of human learning, grounds our interactions and design. 

We're into creatively redesigning learning - where Global citizenship prevails and boundaries are pushed - enhancing all for greater impact. Current clientele involve colleagues, refugees, migrants, school students, self-sufficient wanna-be-green-thumbs, parents, educators seeking a kiwi style and international exchange students.

Educational Psychology's Applied

We leverage psychological science and neuroscience, along with educational theory and practice, to understand the Emotional, Cognitive and Social aspects of learning. These weave into our educational architecture, design  and advocacy. 

To enable learners to think effectively, critically, creatively,
we need an interactive knowledge-rich environment for learning.

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Design alone doesn't affect learning...

...but good teaching does. Educators play a key role getting students prepared for life after school and for some, as adults simply 'doing life'. But, how do we do justice to their learning environments? Are their needs really being tailored to the way educators and learners will use it? Is 'yes' the answer they'd give - if we took 'ourselves' out of the equation? Learners - no matter how old.

FreshAz is not school, online, nor campus centric.
Our reference to learning environments include the classroom, lecture halls and the online spaces, as much as it includes the cafes, engineering workshops, glasshouses, gardens, paddocks, hospital, building industry and so on...


How big is our perspective? 

Let's look at how outside the box our thinking is... 
Cruise around and check us out!

Enjoy first: 'Dreaming Big' - with a youth age focus first.

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