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Enhancing Capacity for Greater Impact

We're an education company, based in the gorgeous Wairarapa of New Zealand - hugely intentional in being as 'FreshAz' as possible, in how leadership and learning evolves.

Educational analysis and advocacy is our field.  Designing learning opportunities and networks for kids through to adults, is our bent. In the mix, find pearls of wisdom from gurus we resonate with - right down to horticultural science, refugee support, ES
OL and neurological insights!  


While Wairarapa, NZ is our base, contracts have spanned the length of NZ and into S.E and Northern Asia, China, Iceland, South America, Europe, the Middle East,  'Silk Road' communities and Africa. Network support's wider; age of  learners impacted is vast. The fun had - has been stunning!   

Education Architects At Your Service

We're focused on Leadership, Learning and a Long-term vision
LEAD is to: Learn, Engage, Accelerate, Disrupt.

Let's Care and Collaborate, to Consciously Contribute.

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The FreshAz Factor

Tune in the freshest features we've got to date, from 'The 4C's of Transformational Leadership' to our latest greenfingered FreshAz branch! 

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The UN's 2015-2030
Sustainable Goals
How we teaching them?

In NZ, we align our teaching to Te Tiriti o Waitangi. But are the SDGs also in the mix?

The 4Cs of Transformational Leadership

Enjoy Derek Wenmoth's depth behind Clarity, Conviction, Courage and Commitment.

Image by Elaine Casap

FreshAz Education branches out into the FreshAz Produce Dept!

Self sufficient living's our latest educational theme. Tune in a site we're enjoying.

Thought Leadership: 
First comes changing belief or practice?

Tune in Dr Nina Hood of The Education Hub and more of a similar vein...

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For the Kids!
Check out the latest in Kiwi Kids News!

It's all here!
There are people in the news, animals and odd stuff! 

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