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The New Silk Road - New Project

Updated: May 30, 2018

It's fascinating how the fine threads in life connect. The New Silk Road is at the heart of our latest focus - with Masterton at its core. The approach? To develop online, conversational English learning capacity - to impact a depth that'll be life changing, for cultures galore. Cultures, within all 65 countries along that Silk Road...

Most fascinating, is how the reality of educational pathways, led to this - 20 years on from its key onset. Weaving its way first into Brunei, teaming up to set up Jerudong International School began the journey. Catering for High Commission kids heading offshore, saw online learning and teaching English as an other language - take off. It was merely 1997 online. 'Nek Minit' when coaxed into Wellington, a huge MoE based eLearning R&D initiative followed and so too a DEANZ Award, within 10 years.

Of stunning proportions, and a few weeks after 9/11, landing in Tajikistan switched the light on for what's incredibly relate-able to today's journey. Coping with the impact thereafter, duly led to the formation of FreshAz Education (enroute a rebrand), in 2006. The first contract with NZ's MoE, was to develop the National Plan for eLearning in Primary. The seriousness of this reality, for us, witnessed some serious clarity. But still, we're hardly broken through the surface of what was ahead.

Moving the clock on a little - online education and teaching English online went to another level, veering off with Refugee and Migrant teens in NZ, for 9 years. Contracts merging ol' school styles with IT for University lectures and graduates deepened the depth from there on. While continuing with a team of primary students, to maintain a walk-the-talk ethos, there was also one educational leadership role after another since Brunei days. But all was an unknown 'plan' leading to where our educational focus sits today.

Despite several spirals of adversity enroute, it's most intriguing how the enormity of this has panned out regardless. A few blinks later, it's full circle with Tajikistan for instance back in the picture; but even more so. Stepping onto Kazakhstan was a hint of how extreme life can be - but a desire to help didn't expect to get so close to home.

Partnering with Filipinos, Singaporean's and Chinese is now in take off mode. But it's early days - we're recruiting far and wide. Now, recently back from Singapore and IloIlo, Philippines, we're forming a new NZ company - recruiting, training, merging educational philosophies and so on with our partners in turn. Awesome times!

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