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HandsOn in Greytown

School Holiday or After School Fun!

Little Scrapbook:
A 'Story by Stacy Starter'.
Above are the three different kinds of books on offer - so first in first served! 

Open for 7 students only, with scope to choose from 2 with stripes, 3 with black and white dots, 2 red with multi coloured dots on the inside. 

Bring your own photos – to try to get across 'the story'

Price $35.00

Date / time: TBC alongside you.

A fairly complex activity - ideal for kids 10 years and older. This makes for a brilliant gift (perhaps a Mothers' Day or Grandmother's present?).

It's an ideal frame for either a picture, or a collage of pictures - or to turn into a vision board or a gift etc. 

Price: $50.00

Date / time: TBC alongside you.

  1. The Paper Pals:

  2. Cutting, stamping, colouring etc. Featuring people and animals, along with something.

  3. Price $25.00

  4. Date / time: TBC alongside you.

These classes are held in Greytown, although scope to run them in Masterton is also possible.  Enrol anytime - and we'll liaise with you to organise a time to run the classes.


Little Scrapbook


paper figures.png

Paper Pals

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