Silk Road

The Fine Threads of Life

FreshAz Education's partnering with a joint NZ-Singapore company to pull off a massive focus on scalability. The focus? The 65 countries along the New Silk Road...


Accountability Partners - with SDGs

"Don't underestimate the kid" has gone to a whole new level, as our 'FreshAz' ethos (albeit with a 'controlled' teachers' hat) takes our programming with students to another level. Check out the journey we're embarking on with teaching colleagues far and wide!

Covid-19 etc

What's trending?

Keeping our company approach as 'FreshAz' requires a continual ear to-the-ground and eye on-the-future. Take a look at what and how we bury ourselves in, so we're 'FreshAz' with our walk and our talk...


Sneaky Peaks with kids...

'Frontup4impact' is the challenge; make an impact, influence an impact, and soak up an impact. How are teams of 8-13 year olds fronting up for impact'? Tune in snapshots of one of our FreshAz portfolios... Our extension and enrichment programme in schools.